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Florida Waterfront Real Estate

Waterfront homes are easily one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating types of home to ever be built. Waking up, the first noise you hear is often the gentle crashing of surf against the beach, and if the mere thought of that scenario doesn’t soothe you even slightly, you may already live at the beach.

As is implied by the name, waterfront homes are built with easy access to a large body of water, though not necessarily the ocean, as the category includes lake houses and houses overlooking lagoons. A waterfront home is usually more expensive than a landlocked home of comparable size and quality, mainly because the location near the waves increases the value. Waterfront homes can have some overlap with luxury homes, but the most common waterfronts are generally just single-family beach houses that are on the larger side. Waterfront condos also exist, but why would you want to share your beach-bound dream?

Florida Waterfront Homes

The prospect of waterfront homes in the Keys is similar to the prospect of trees in a rain forest! Being an island chain situated around (and some even within) the continental United States’ only coral reef, waterfront homes are one of the real estate mainstays of the Florida Keys, and most people who move to the keys or go there for vacation are looking to buy or rent a waterfront home. While by no means the only type of home on the Keys, it’s the first to spring to mind, and possibly the most searched-for residential home type here, and for good reason.

Waterfront homes offer unparalleled views of the ocean (or lagoon- not all waterfront homes are on the outermost edges of the islands), as well as immediate access to beaches and everything that goes along with them, such as docks and seaside shops. Taking all this into account, a waterfront home is probably going to be a bit more expensive than an inland single-family home of a similar or even larger size, simply due to demand. This is where we come in!

Buying Waterfront Homes in the Keys

Making a waterfront home your home is more of a challenge than many would care to think- or tell you. Luckily, with us, you’ll have professionals on your side who have real experience dealing with these quietly complicated affairs. We’ll take all the stress off of you, and allow you to enjoy the idea of your new waterfront home without the hassle! There are still some things you should look into for yourself before deciding to buy or rent, though, for example: make sure you don’t just like the house, but the property as a whole. Make sure that it’s private enough for your liking, that you like the water it has access to, and that the water is comfortably accessible, and so forth.

For more information, tips, and to set your feet on the path to life in the Florida Keys, please don’t hesitate to contact us about waterfront homes!