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Key Haven Real Estate

Key Haven, formerly known as Raccoon Key, is both an island and a community just one mile east of Key West. Located on Mile Marker 5 on US Highway 1 (the Overseas Highway, named so because it extends off the southern tip of Florida and connects it to the Keys), Key Haven is for the most part a suburb of Key West, being just five minutes away. This doesn’t stop it from making its mark, as Key Haven is the premier boating neighborhood of Key West, and even featured as the location of a home on Real World, an acclaimed reality TV series.

Key Haven Estates

Being a subdivision of Key West, Key Haven is a very quiet, soothing place to live. With immediate access to the deep water of the Gulf, Key Haven is the premier boating neighborhood in the Key West area. Despite this, there are almost never traffic issues, and the serene atmosphere of what was once known as Raccoon Key is preserved.

A safe residential neighborhood full of mostly single-family homes, the Key Haven community values quiet, security, and privacy, with many homeowners building their own fences- some taking it to an artistic level. It would be weird anywhere else to see a gate that looks like something you’d see at the entrance to Purgatory, or a fence fashioned out of airplane and boat parts, but here in Key Haven, that’s just business.

With an abundance of flat land, Key Haven has also- somewhat unwillingly- become a sort of impromptu parking space for many boats owned by people in the surrounding areas, which is a point of contention with the current inhabitants, who like to keep to themselves.

If you’re looking for a lively place with lots of nightlife and things to do, Key Haven is possibly the last place you’re looking for. However, if you’re looking for the closest equivalent to island solitude while also only being 5 minutes out from the nearest city, Key haven is the place for you.

Key Haven Homes for Sale

Real estate in Key Haven is different from many of the other styles of houses you’ll find in the Keys. Rather than having stilts or being out-and-out beach houses, they’re generally just normal houses like those you’d see on the mainland. There are few amenities due to its proximity to the city and its role as a suburb, but this doesn’t stop Key Haven from being a wonderful place to live. It almost nonchalantly waves off the fact that the community is only minutes from the ocean in any direction, in the community’s determination to be a quiet suburb. One of the flatter islands, Key Haven has plenty of room for boats, and its direct access to both the Atlantic and the Gulf have made it very popular among boaters.

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