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Shark Key Homes for Sale

Nestled between the Saddlebunch Keys and Big Coppitt Key on US Highway 1, Shark Key (first charted in the 1800s and named for its shark-like shape on those early maps) is a bastion of unspoiled and private luxury, absolutely brimming with prime waterfront real estate. Both in the pristine blue of the lagoons it contains as well as the ocean surrounding it, Shark Key is a testament to the beauty that nature has to offer, as well as the planning skills that the humans that inhabit it possess- our additions to this jewel of Earth serve only to improve the already terrific ambiance of this island paradise.

Living in Shark Key

Planned out to only be inhabited by between 40 and 50 families at a time, Shark Key is first and foremost a luxury community, situated amongst one of the best environments that planet Earth has to offer. A place of retreat, this intentionally small and tight-knit community is not only brimming with natural beauty and tranquility (it is home to several beautiful species of flowers), but also “artificial” beauty. The guardrail columns and mailbox pillars of the homes on the Shark Keys are crafted out of coral rock, and large naval chains outline the pristine streets that flow with the nature around it, rather than simply gouging a path through.

With residents identifying qualities of the community with phrases including “No noise, no crowds, and no danger of heavy traffic or strangers,” Shark Key is a truly idyllic place to live for those who want to get away from it all. Odds are, you’ll know everyone else in the community after long enough, and there’s more than enough privacy to go around if even that amount of social contact is too much distraction from the beauty that surrounds you in this place.

Shark Key Real Estate

The primary property type in Shark Key is a large waterfront home with plenty of space between it and its neighbors. There is a lot of room for customization, though there is an architectural board established to ensure that the atmosphere of the island remains intact while also allowing for individuality. It is a highly exclusive community, proclaiming itself to only being inhabited by 40 to 50 families at any given time.

Given this exclusivity, the amenities offered by the community go well beyond merely “top of the line”. The pristine lagoons framed by an immaculately maintained tennis court can and will change your mind as to humanity’s alteration of nature, as will the luscious gardens and a clubhouse as luxurious as any home on the Key.

If you’re looking to buy a home on Shark Key, Big Coppitt, and Key Haven please don’t wait to contact us! There is very limited space, so if you’re looking at a house there, you need to act relatively quickly, lest it be snatched away from beneath you. We’d be overjoyed to help you get a home on Shark Key and introduce you to a life of unsurpassed luxury. If you have questions or simply want more information, call 305-304-6949 or send an email at We look forward from hearing from you!